3 Colourful DIY Valentine’s Day Cards Ideas with Gel Pens

It’s the month of February, they call it the month of love!  Before we know it Valentine’s Day will be here.  To celebrate I’m sharing a Video Tutorial on how to make 3 Colourful DIY Valentine’s Day card ideas using Kaisercraft Gel Pens and a Kaisercraft Post Card Book! So if you need a Valentines Card or an “anything card”, and you love to colour, this post is especially for you xx

Have you seen the gorgeous Kaisercraft Gel Pens? These pens can be purchased in the complete set of 48 pens and include 12 Glitter Pens, 12 Metallic Pens, 12 Neon Pens and 12 Pastel Pens.  With the Kaisercraft Gel Pens you can really achieve the colours you desire in a card.

Kaisercraft Gel Pens

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Kaisercraft – Kaisercolour – Gel Pens – 48 Pack

When you colour do you like to use lots of bright, neon colours like in this card…
Kaisercraft Indian Summer Card by Alicia McNamara
Or do you prefer to use more of the pastel hues like in these two cards…
Kaisercraft Valentine Cards by Alicia McNamara
To make these three cards I used pages from three of the Kaiser Colour Post Card Books.
Kaisercraft Post Card Colouring Book
Kaisercraft Post Card Colouring Book
Kaisercraft Post Card Colouring Book
These books measure approximately 4 x 6 inches and the pages easily tear out of the book so they are perfect for the front cover of a card.

I have the “Free Spirit” Colouring Book for Sale in my Shop.

Kaisercraft Gel Pens Video Tutorial

Below is my Video Tutorial showing exactly how I make my card using the Kaisercraft Gel Pens : )
You can see my first Colouring Video and all my other Kaisercraft Videos here.
Kaisercraft Valentine Cards by Alicia McNamara

How to Make the Cards

Step One: Colour your chosen image.
Step Two: Adhere your image to a base card.
Step Three: Add a ribbon or some Rhinestones if desired
Kaisercraft Valentine Cards by Alicia McNamara
There is no hard thinking required to make these cards.  No fussing over elements, sketches or anything that requires strenuous creativity!  Its a very simple process that consists of some relaxed colouring time and then a little bit of card stock and double-sided tape or glue to put your card together.
Kaisercraft Valentine Cards by Alicia McNamara
Why not spread the love this Valentine’s Day with a beautifully coloured card.  Or get the kids onto it, they will be entertained for a couple of hours!
Kaisercraft Valentine Cards by Alicia McNamara
Be sure to let me know here if you make a card like this, or just complete some colouring.  I would love to see your work.
Happy Valentine’s Day,
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Alicia : )

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